Total 118
  2015 KGS Conference Proceedings
첨부 Accuracy Analysis of SBAS Satellite Orbit and Clock Corrections
    Youn-Jeong Heo*, Hyun-Jin Jang, Jong-Yeon Choi, Gi-Wook Nam
첨부 A Study on Requirement Development of KASS OT&E Tool
    Jae Min Kang*, Kwang Sik Ghoi, Hee Sung Kim, Eun Sung Lee, Jiae Han, Gi Wook Nam
첨부 Study of RTCA/DO-178 Software Development Process for KASS Control Station
    Jae-Ik Park*, Eunsung Lee, Gi-Wook Nam
첨부 A Study on Simulation Platform Design for KASS Availability Analysis
    Jae-Eun Lee*, Heon Ho Choi, Chul-Hee Choi, Eunsung Lee, Gi Wook Nam
첨부 A Study on Communication Network Design for KASS
    Chul-Hee Choi*, Heon Ho Choi, Woonki Hong, Eunsung Lee
첨부 Transmission Scheduling Technique of GNSS Pseudorange Correction on DGNSS Reference Station for Multi GNSS Service Envir…
    Wonseok Jang*, Youngki Kim, Kiyeol Seo
첨부 Performance Evaluation of GPS Signal Tracking Loop in GPS/INS Integrated Navigation System
    Moonsuk Koo*, Sang Heon Oh, Dong-Hwan Hwang
첨부 Design of Jamming Signal Generator for GNSS Receiver Anti-jamming Test
    Joon-Kyung Sung, Jong-Seong Kim, Jae-Sin Lee, Jung-Gab Joo, Seok Bo Son*
첨부 Development of a Test System for Anti-Jamming Functionality of 7-Channel Anti-Jamming GNSS Receiver
    Jeongwoo Han, Kihyun Jeon, Jun-O Kim*
첨부 Anti-Jamming Algorithm Performance Analysis for the Relative Arrangement in Space Between the Group of Jammers and the V…
    Jae-Gun Choi*, Jun-O Kim , Tae-Gyoo Lee, Sang-Wook Choi
첨부 Research on the Test and Evaluation Method of Anti-Jamming GNSS Receiver
    Jung-Woo Han, Woo-Sung Chung, Jae-Jin Han, Chang-Seok You, Jun-O Kim*
첨부 A Development of Smart DGPS Beacon Receiver
    Yong-Rok Oh*, Jin-Ho Jeong, Yong-kwon Choi, Sang Jeong Lee
첨부 A Study on Comparison Results of Navigation Accuracy Among Satellite Navigation Modes for Precise Navigation
    Kang sun Suh*, Joon-Sung Bae
첨부 Technique of 7- Element Array Antenna design for High Gain Realization
    Jae-Jin Han, Jin-Won Park, Jun-O Kim*
첨부 RF Front-End Design and Implementation for LEO Satellite GNSS Receiver for Mounting
    Jin-Mo Park, Geun-Hee Lee, Jin-Ho Jeong, Yong-Hoi Park, Ki-Ho Kwon, Ju-Ho Park
첨부 Performance Evaluation for the 7 Channel Anti-jamming System of High Dynamic Vehicle in Multiple Jamming Environment
    Jun-O Kim*, Woo-Sung Jung, Jae-Gun Choi, Sang-Wook Choi
첨부 Location Estimation Performance Analysis for DOP in Multi-CAF MAP
    Jaehyun Kim*, Sanguk Lee, Woo-Geun Ahn
첨부 Analysis of Integrity Monitoring Performance for Real-Time Precise Positioning Module on Land Transportation Vehicle
    Sung-Hyuck Im*, JongSun Ahn, Byung-Hyun Lee, Ju-Kyoung Kim, Eun-Sung Lee, Moon Beom Heo, Young Jae Lee, Gyu-In Jee
첨부 Basic Study on Localization of Assisted-GNSS Algorithm
    Hyun-Ho Kim, Jihyun Ha
첨부 Performance Analysis of Reference Point Matching Methods in Wi-Fi Fingerprint-based Indoor Localization
    Myungin Ji, Jooyoung Kim, Juil Jeon, Sangjoon Park, Youngsu Cho
첨부 Pulsed Signal Analysis for Local Navigation System
    Il-Kyu Park, Seok-Bo Son, Sang-Jeong Lee*
첨부 High Resolution Grid Based Ionospheric Irregularity Monitoring Method Using Local Area Reference Stations
    Jung-Min Joo*, Moon-Beom Heo
첨부 Development of Korea GNSS CORS Monitoring Software
    Yong-Hoi Park, Jin-Mo Park, Geun-Hee Lee, Jun-Cheol Moon*
첨부 Design of the Method for Generating the Multi Interference Signal
    Taehee Kim, Cheon Sig Sin
첨부 Performance of SBAS System for Different GEO Transponder Bandwidths
    Moonhee You*, Cheon Sig Sin
첨부 Design of Receiver and Algorithm for eLoran
    Jyung-Kyu Lee*, Seung-il Lee, Sang-Jun Yun
첨부 Design of Aircraft-Mounted CFT POD and Test Method
    Jae-Jin Han, Jun-Hyuk Lee, Woo-Sung Chung, Chang-Suk Yoo, Jae-Gun Choi*
첨부 Configuration of Land Transportation Infrastructure System based on GPS for Real-Time Operation
    Eunseong Son*, Koon-Tack Kim, Sung-Hyuck Im, Moon-Boem Heo
첨부 Receiver for GPS L1 Signal by Using RF Direct Sampling Method
    Yu-Jun Won, Jong-Won Choi, Hyo-Joong Kang, Kwi-Woo Park, Min-Jun Lee, Chan-Sik Park, Bo-Seok Seo*
첨부 GINS Modules Developed for the Unmanned Air Vehicle Attitude Heading and Positioning
    Jin-Ho Jeong, Yong-Seung Lee, Yong-Hoi Park, Jin-Mo Park
첨부 Searching Area Reduction of Intensity Map using Vision and Lane Map
    Tae-Ki Jung, Byung-Hyun Lee, Sung-Hyuck Im, Moon-Beom Heo, Gyu-In Jee*
첨부 Vehicle Navigation Algorithm Based on Tightly Coupled Integration using Multiple Receiver
    Jong-Hwa Song*, Gyu-In Jee
첨부 Requirement and Architecture of Positioning System Standard for Public Safety
    Jaehyuk Choi*, Youngsu Cho, Myungin Ji, Jooyoung Kim, Sangjoon Park
첨부 Method for Position Estimation using Inter-Satellite Range Measurement
    Moonseok Choi*, Jongsun Ahn, Sangkyung Sung, Jaegyu Jang, Young Jae Lee
첨부 Ionospheric and Tropospheric Affection of Precise Positioning of KASI GNSS Permanent Site in Micronesia and Its Status R…
    Jong-Kyun Chung*, Sung-Moon Yoo, Han-Earl Park, Jungho Cho
첨부 Statistical Analysis of Ionospheric Storms on GPS TEC between 2000 and 2010 in Korea
    Jong-Kyun Chang*
첨부 Evaluation of the KSLV-II GNSS Receiver’s Timing Accuracy
    Yong-Sul Shin*, Byung-Moon Kwon, Ji-Hyeon Moon, Byeong-Joo Min
첨부 Design and Tests of the GNSS Receiver System for KSLV-II
    Byung-Moon Kwon*, Yong-Sul Shin, Ji-Hyeon Moon, Byeong-Joo Min
첨부 The Accuracy Prediction of GPS Satellites Position, Velocity and Acceleration Using GPS CNAV Data
    Sun-Kyoung Yu*, Ghang-Ho Kim, Changdon Kee
첨부 Analysis of the Effect of Multipath Signal on the Code Measurement Based on the Measurement Model
    Sunyong Lee, Yunsub Choi, Sunglyong Cho, Moon Beom Heo, Chansik Park, Sang Jeong Lee*
첨부 Ionospheric Delay Model Monitoring using Dual-frequency Measurements
    Choongwon Song*, Jongsun Ahn, Sangkyung Sung, Jung Min Joo, Moon Beom Heo, Young Jae Lee
첨부 Extension of Ionospheric Map Coverage by Using Least-Square Methods
    Mingyu Kim, Jeongrae Kim*, Young Jae Lee, Jaegyu Jang
첨부 Establishment Status on Operating System of LX GNSS Network
    Hyun-Ho Kim*, Jihyun Ha
첨부 Software Implementation of Measurement Asynchronism in Multi-Radio Integrated Navigation System and Its Navigation Perfo…
    Moonsuk Koo*, Hyoungmin So, Sang Heon Oh, Dong-Hwan Hwang
첨부 Analysis of Positioning Accuracy Using LX GNSS Network RTK System
    Jihyun Ha*, Wan-Seok Jung, Hyun-Ho Kim, Sang-Gu Kang
첨부 Performance Analysis of Combined Point Positioning using Multi-GNSS Measurements in South Korea
    Byung-Kyu Choi*, Chang-Hyun Cho, Sang Jeong Lee
첨부 System Design and Performance Analysis of DGPS/INS Tightly Coupled Integration for Maritime Precise Tasks
    Sul Gee Park*, Tae Hyun Fang
첨부 Study on Requirements for Maritime SBAS
    Sang Hyun Park*, Ki Yeol Seo, Tae Hyun Fang
첨부 Performance Assessment on Integrity Monitoring and Reliability Provision of Port PNT Information
    Ki-Yeol Seo, Mi-Young Shin, Young-Ki Kim, Won-Seok Jang, Sang-Hyun Park, Tae-Hyun Fang
첨부 An Application Possibility of GPS Implementation to AIS/VTS
    Sangheon Lee*, Sul Gee Park, Tae Hyun Fang
첨부 Van Test to Evaluate Transfer Alignment Performance of GPS/INS Navigation System
    Byung-il Seo, Dong-Ho Shin*
첨부 A Research on Construction Plan of Post-Processing GNSS Reference Navigation Information for Performance Assessment of N…
    Kang sun Suh*, Joon-Sung Bae
첨부 Development of Operation Simulator for Accelerated Life Testing
    Ji-Hee Park*, Jeong Yeol Kim, Dong-Ho Shin
첨부 Test Result of Pulsed Navigation Signal in Ground-based Radio Navigation System
    Woo-Guen Ahn*, Seungwoo Seo, Jaegyu Jang, Jang Yong Lee, Jun-Pyo Park
첨부 Longitudinal Error Estimation Using Curve Matching
    Byung-Hyun Lee, Sung-Hyuck Im, Moon-Beom Heo, Gyu-In Jee*
첨부 Development of Intelligent GPS Positioning Technique Based on Low Cost Module for an Alley Navigation
    Hye-In Kim*, Kwan-Dong Park, Hyunu Tae, Taeil Kim, Jeonghwan Lim, Pyung Chae Lim
첨부 GIS Based Virtual Satellite Constrained - Weighted Least Square
    Gil-Seop Jeong, Seung-Hyun Kong*
첨부 A Study on DGNSS-CP(Correction Projection) Algorithm using NMEA Satellites Information Applied Smart Devices
    Donghwan Yoon, Donghyun Shin, Byungwoon Park*
첨부 Positioning of Moving Object by using Reflected GPS Signal
    Sanguk Lee, Cheon Sig Sin
첨부 Analysis of Barometric Altimeter Characteristics and Integration with GPS
    La-Woo Kim, Kwang-Ho Choi, Joon-Hoo Lim, Won-Jae Yoo, Hyung-Keun Lee*
첨부 Cycle-slip Detection and Correction Method in the Raw-measurement Level
    Yunsub Choi, Sunyong Lee, Sunglyong Cho, MoonBeom Heo, Chansik Park, Sang Jeong Lee*
첨부 Precise Heave Estimation using GPS Carrier Phase and Barometer
    Dong Sun Lee, Min-Gyou Cho, In-Suk Kang, Chansik Park*
첨부 Analysis of GPS Position Accuracy Degradation with Anti-jamming System
    Kihoon Lee*, Hyungmin So, Jaegyu Jang, Junpyo Park
첨부 Performance Analysis of the High-performance Navigation Receiver
    Sunglyong Cho, Jong-Yeoun Choi, Gi-Wook Nam, Sang Jeong Lee*
첨부 Statistical Analysis of the Acquisition Method for GNSS signal using the Tiered Polyphase Code
    Jin Hyuk Lee, Mi Hyun Jin, Ki won Song, Jae Min Ahn, Sang Jeong Lee*
첨부 Research of Galileo E1 Signal Acquisition Performance Improvement using GPGPU Technology
    Junseok Yang*, Min-joon Lee,Chansik Park
첨부 Feed Network for GPS-Quadrifilar Helical Antenna
    Se-Been Park, Sanguk Lee, Soon-Young Eom, Woo-Geun Ahn
첨부 Design an Estimation Algorithm of Pseudorange using GPS C/A Codephase Measurement
    Won-Jae Yoo, Kwang-Ho Cho, Joon-Hoo Lim, La-Woo Kim, Hyoungmin So, Hyung-Keun Lee*
첨부 Extend Kalman Filter based GPS Signal Tracking for The Received Weak Signal Strength Conference
    Ju Hyun Lee, Deok Won Lim, Yong Kwon Choi, Chansik Park, Sang Jeong Lee*
첨부 Implementation of RF Front-end for GNSS Software Receiver Using USRP
    Kwi Woo Park, Min Joon Lee, Chansik Park
첨부 Threshold Analysis for Integrity Test of UDRE Algorithms
    Jin-Hyeok Jang*, Jong Sun Ahn, Young Jae Lee, JungMin Joo, MoonBeom Heo, SangKyung Sung
첨부 GNSS Spoofing Detection using a Single Authentic Ranging Signal
    Hyoungmin So*, Jaegyu Jang, Kihoon Lee, Kiwon Song, Junpyo Park
첨부 Analysis of Multi Signal for GNSS Anti-Spoofing Simulation
    Seong-Han Cho, Wook-Hyun Shin, Il-Kyu Park, Seung-Ho Choi, Sang-Jun Yun, Seok-Bo Son*
첨부 Performance Comparison of Solution Separation and Residual Based RAIM under Single Failure Hypothesis
    Jung-Beom Kim*, Ho Yun, Changdon Kee
첨부 Cooperative Navigation Robust to Multipath in Urban Vehicular Networks
    Hyunwoo Ko, Seung-Hyun Kong*
첨부 A Methodology of the Autonomous Vehicle Position Estimation using Lane, Road Structure map-matching
    Jun-Ho Ham*, Kwang-Keun Shin, Chang-Bae Moon, Hyun-Gu Yim
첨부 Flight Test Result of Unmanned Helicopter using Ground-based Radio Navigation System
    Jaegyu Jang*, Woo-Guen Ahn, Seungwoo Seo, Jang Yong Lee, Jun-Pyo Parh
첨부 Algorithm of Creating Lateral and Longitudinal Measurement through Matching Road marker and Map
    Su-Jung Lee, Byung-Hyun Lee, Sung-Hyuck Im, Moon-Beom Heo, Gyu-In Jee
첨부 An Approach to Implementation of Hardware in the Loop System for GPS/INS Integrated Navigation System
    Kyoung-Hwan Jo, Seung-Bok Kwon, Sang-Heon Oh, Dong-Ho Shin
첨부 Design of Monte Carlo Localization for Smart-phone 3D Indoor Navigation
    Young-Su Cho, Myung-In Ji, Joo-Young Kim, Ju-Il Jeon, Sang-Jun Park
첨부 A Self-Correction Approach for Wi-Fi Ranging-based High Accuracy Indoor Localization
    Seong Yun Cho*
첨부 Smartphone Based Indoor Navigation Technology using Map-matching
    Beomju Shin, Jung Ho Lee, Hyun Duk Kim, Boseon Yu, Ghangho Kim, Changdon Kee, Taikjin Lee*
첨부 Comparison on Performance of Navigation Solution and Calculations According to Error Components of INS Sensor for Integr…
    Tae Hyun Fang, Sul Gee Park, Sangheon Lee
첨부 Design of Integration Filter for Communication Vulnerable Indoor Area
    Sebum Chun*, Soon Lim, Moon-beom Heo
첨부 Attitude Estimation of HMD under Dynamic Situation
    So Young Park, Se Jong Heo, Jin Woo Song, Chan Gook Park*
첨부 Attitude Estimation of Foot Mounted IMU considering Walking Characteristics using Adaptive Complementary Filter
    Yeong-kwon Choe, Ho Jin Ju, Min Su Lee, Jin Woo Song, Chan Gook Park*
첨부 Malicious Vehicle Detection to Enhance Safety of Cooperative Navigation
    Sang-Yun Jeon, Seung-Hyun Kong*
첨부 A Study on Utilization of LX-GNSS Network for Position Awareness of Autonomous Vehicle
    Wan-suk Jung, Jong-Min Lee, Jae-Hwan Kim*
첨부 Performance analysis of Real-Time Absolute Positioning (RTAP) using a Low-cost Single Frequency GPS Receiver for High-sp…
    Jihye Won*, Kwan-Dong Park, Hyong-Chol Choi
첨부 GRAPH-SLAM Based Precise Mapping for Autonomous Vehicle
    Sung-Joon Cho*, Jun-Hyunk Im, Byung-Hyun Lee, Jong-Hwa Song, Gyu-In Jee
첨부 Localization of A Land Vehicle using Monocular Visual Odometry
    Sejong Heo, So Yung Park, Jin Woo Song, Chan Gook Park*
첨부 Design of Robust Lane Detection Algorithm in Speed bump and Crosswalk Area
    Woo Jin Jang*, Kwi Woo Park, Chansik Park
첨부 A Position Estimation for the vehicle in the Urban Area Using the Building Corner Extraction
    Jun-Hyuck Im, Gyu-In Jee*
첨부 Multi Target Detection and Tracking in the Urban Area Using the Lidar and Vision Sensor
    Kyu-Won Kim*, Gyu-In Jee
첨부 Evaluation of Combined Differential GPS/BDS Positioning using Low Cost Receivers
    Hyunu Tae*, Kwan-Dong Park
첨부 Design of Concept to strengthen the Integrity of marine DGPS
    Mi-Young Shin*, Ki-Yeol Seo
첨부 Study of Siting Requirements and Multipath Error for Mobile DGNSS
    Minchan Kim, Dong-Kyeong Lee, Junyoung Han, Jiyun Lee*
첨부 Accuracy analysis of Kinematic Positioning using Real-time SSR Corrections and Code-Pseudorange
    Miso Kim*, Jihye Won, Kwan-Dong Park
첨부 Satellite and Receiver DCB estimation method utilizing IGS CORS Network
    Kwang-Ho Choi, Joon-Hoo Lim, Jeong-Ho Cho, Hyung-Keun Lee*
첨부 An Analysis for Detection Method of Cycle Slips on Reference Station
    Younghoon Han, Mi-Young Shin, Jaeyoung Ko and Deuk-Jae Cho